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System Update Resolved an issue which sometimes caused the console to get stuck at a loading screen (with a loading spinner only) when downloading a system update.Party Chat Resolved an issue which sometimes caused party chat to crash in the Guide.

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I have two xbox 360's in my house which i use mainly as media centre extenders with a Windows 7 Ultimate pc.

From the xboxes, when i enter into either Movies, Videos or Pictures I get the message "Updating Libraries - You can wait while media is added or select OK to continue using Windows Media Center - Searching for files".

For those who use the Xbox One's "Instant On" mode, the update will begin automatically downloading to your console.

If you choose to manually install the build, navigate to "All Settings OS version released: rs3_release_xbox_dev_1802.180119-1917Available: PM PST 1/23/18 (PM GMT 23/1) My Games and Apps Collection – Game Pass We have enabled a new feature to show an "Xbox Game Pass" tab within "My games & apps" for users on Preview Alpha with an active Game Pass subscription.

From here, subscribers can quickly access the complete library and install new titles.

For those not subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, the tab will not be displayed.

From this point onwards the xbox seems to hang and the only way out is to restart the xbox.

When i enter into these libraries from the Win7 box itself I don't have any issues.

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