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Evers Just a quick note to say hello and to let your know that your book is fantastic and when affirmations are done right, they really really do work! I am reading it and studying it and will let you know the results. I came within 4% of the amount I was affirming–actually 4% over. I was completely astonished and have passed the wonderful news of my Affirmation success to everyone I know! Some have manifested more quickly than others, but they have ALL come to be my reality! You have completed a vast task and I believe it should be part of every child’s education (and in the libraries for adults as well). So her two Affirmations came true as ONE tied in a beautiful Pink Ribbon of Love. “Oh dear,” said Muriel, “I am out of gas.” “Out of gas.” I exclaimed. I got out and tried to walk in the snow to a farmhouse-the lights were on but no one was home.

I have purchased several copies of your book for my friends family as I want them to experience the positive things like it has done for me. Already I am feeling so much better about me being in the role of parent. In the name of all these people, I tell you a great big THANK YOU! Everything I have asked for and believed in has come into my life. As I grow and mature, I am aware more and more of the power of that unconscious field that creates all that we experience as our life. I am so excited, I did affirmations and the Magic Magnetic Circle you talk about and actually won ,000 on a scratch ticket. The Magic of Affirmations can surprise you and at times you can get two for the price of one! I tried to flag down some passing motorists but they thought I was just being friendly and waved back at me. Then we did an Affirmation that the perfect person(s) would stop and help us.

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It also causes a positive ripple effect as readers put it into use and tell others. So I got out and went over and spoke to the driver and he asked me to look it over. Even more shocking is this: (a) The owner of the van lived next door to me; (b)They lived in #214 in their block and I live in #214 in my block. When my marriage failed, I was unhappy and despondent.

I feel that reading and using the information in this book is taking a step which ripples out and affects numerous others in a positive and uplifting manner. I purchased Affirmations your passport to happiness three months ago. I have contacted the Author Anne Marie Evers and expressed my gratitude. This is important because if you are a newcomer like me, reading how others have developed the capacity is important. It was exactly what I wanted and had visualized and the price was exactly what I had to spend. We could literally look into each other’s apartments; (c) The van was parked practically under my window but I could not see it because there is a deep barrier of hedges and trees between us; (d) We are all Ex Air-force people; and (e) We all felt that we had known each other for years. Anne Thank you for your Clear, Search & Retrieve Affirmation Tool I Thank you so much, and words are never enough. I took my pre-test with 100 questions and I only missed 12. Then I found your website and read about the Power of Affirmations. Evers Affirmation Help Manifest That Perfect, Lasting Career Just wanted to let you know that TODAY November 1st , 2010 is the 10th anniversary of my Career/Position that you helped me do an Affirmation for.

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Affirmations are a powerful tool to keep your life on track and headed in a positive direction. Also I thank my hypnotherapist for giving me the tools to open my subconscious mind to change, which opened my eyes to find your wonderful book. Several of us passengers got up and grabbed the serving cart to keep it from flying around and/or hitting her. My story is as follows: I was retiring and really wanted a Van (automobile) but after checking the price on new ones I knew I could never afford it. I read every Car-Driver Book, checked Automobile lots–still I could not find what I wanted — then I came across your book on Affirmations. I had a chuckle to myself, ‘This will never work, but what the heck it won’t hurt to do it!

This was a great reminder of how to incorporate positive thinking into daily living. The flight attendant looked up and what really got me was the terror I saw in her eyes as she started to pick herself up. ” So for about six months I regularly did my Affirmations and visualized again my ‘Phantom Van.’ Now here is the mystery.I am now happy and fulfilled to the good of all parties concerned. Affirmations do work and your book is really MY PASSPORT TO HAPPINESS! Maureen, Administrative Assistant I would like to say that I was reading your book for the third time in three years last month. I have read other books on Affirmations over the years, but I have never found a book as magical as yours. As I am a very positive person, I have used Affirmations all my life. Dear Anne Marie Thank you so much for sending me your Affirmations book so quickly. I combine it with material from Victor believes it is the individuals own mental and emotional reaction to these stimuli that create beliefs, concepts and eventually their reality. This is more than just a book for pleasure reading, it is a method (way of life) to help you achieve your heart’s desires and to immediately help you recognize your life priorities. A Mother’s Plea for her Son She received help from the Angels – The Angel Letter Method In Marnie’s Own Words I wanted to help my adult son, Peter find the perfect wife for him.Thank you, thank you, thank you.” SHORT FORM AFFIMATION “I now attract health, joy, love and happiness into my life right here and right now! Just because some of your followers don’t let you know the great help of your Affirmations, books and writings and the miracles that happen . I have been experiencing some financial difficulties as of lately and I was looking for some inspiration. In the last 3 weeks since I have been doing the Money Affirmations that you teach in your books and my practice has doubled! I now realise after reading your article that I was not using them to their fullest potential. My brother who is experiencing health issues is reading his copy and receiving much help as well as I. When you think of yourself as a victim of circumstances, you are narrowing your focus and you could miss out on blessings all around you. I experienced fabulous results within forty-eight hours of following Anne Marie’s program and now realize that most of the things I want in life are achievable, many things I previously thought were quite impossible to achieve. He was becoming depressed and very touchy when the subject of him getting married came up.My Advice –Purchase your copy of this book today and watch the positive events and ripples begin happening in your life! I would love to be a guest ton her Internet show posted on her website. Helped Reader Back to Basics Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 8th edition Whether you know a lot about affirmations or are a newcomer to the field, this book is worth reading. In addition, she is not afraid to bring God into her teaching. No extravagant, extreme examples; rather they are real and workable. Dear Anne Marie I just wanted to tell you that I wrote out Big Money to me now. The owner said, “If you want it, please make a decision now because we have just listed the Van for Sale in the paper and it will be out at p.m. I know it will sell.” Now remember my dream sent me there at p.m. After only knowing them less than 24 hours we exchanged gifts and we even drove them to get their new car. The instructor graded the test and stated that I passed with 88%. I sat down and forgave my ex and I also forgave myself for my part in it. I am now affirming for a lasting, loving relationship that turns into marriage with the perfect person for me and I know it is happening! I really believed and worked on that Affirmation you helped me create and it worked!The book teaches how to use affirmations in your daily life. You just have to follow the steps and believe in what you are doing. I am very well and I still practise every day being grateful as you teach. This was the most compatible,happy transaction I have ever experienced. Now I waiting to find out the date to take the Final to become certified and I will apply the same Affirmation and Affirmation Tool, “Clear, Search and Retrieve.” . I can just feel the energy and excitement building! Oh yes, I have to admit that it took several months to manifest!I was thrilled how al ll this manifested so quickly. That alone is worth its weight in gold as far as our well-being goes. I thank you for finding one of the things your were meant to do in your life time — your time here on earth, share yourself with all of us who have read your Affirmations books. I was totally blown away by it and now several of my other Affirmations have manifest as affirmed. Also since doing the Affirmations, I have been able to let go of past, negative issues and new doors have opened. My son, Dan who is 19 years old stopped going to school and started to work, but he spends all of his money with his friends and no matter what I say he will not listen and help me pay the rent. They actually encouraged me to keep my self-esteem up even when facing difficult challenges. Then, she brings us some Affirmations for all areas of life in order for us to complete together with the Universe, but this time done in a conscious manner. 2011 This is probably one of the best modern guides to using positive affirmations to create a desirable life currently in print. I wrote an Affirmation within a couple of days of reading part of your book. So every day I was easily able to visualize it, but we did not have the money to re-do the driveway.