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Taureans such as actor George Clooney can expect to find a new perspective on close relationships and their marriages as the year matures.

As an Earth sign you tend to focus on practical matters in life.

During the irst half of the year you won’t have much time to yourself but this won’t bother you as you strengthen your relationship and bonds of love.

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You might need to sneak away with your lover for some time alone in February.Your partner will be very attentive, especially if you surprise them by choosing a romantic location.From July to November, your social diary will be full.If you are looking for someone special, look out for someone that makes others laugh with their unique sense of humour and fun.Giving luxurious gifts and planning lavish dates are your go-to strategies, and if you can’t impress your partner or someone you’d like to date with the tangibles you can offer, you’ll find an equally impressive way to prove your value.

You pay close attention to details during the trine between communicative Mercury and retrograde Saturn on the eighteenth, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss one here or there.A new moon in kindred earth sign Taurus on May 15 has you focused on abundance and obtaining material goods.Love isn’t a possession, of course, but you’re interested in making your love life the best it can be, and you’re willing to go to great lengths to make that happen.May 26 brings an unbalanced Venus-Saturn opposition, which means you should be ready for some alone time.Most romantic efforts you make now will be shot down at worst and ignored at best, causing you to wonder why you even try. If you’re keen on them too, take charge of your romantic destiny by making the first move.