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Bower expected Chris's coming out storyline to receive criticism and some media commentators called it "an obvious ratings grab".Mason and the show's script producer defended the storyline, saying that it was not a ploy to boost ratings and that it explored how Chris's coming out affected the people around him.When Aidan then got into a fight and hid it, Chris became "exasperated enough" to end things.

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The storyline has also been based on the real life experiences of the show's writers.

Chris was the first prominent, ongoing male homosexual character in the show's twenty-five-year history.

However, in January 2011, a Network Ten spokesperson told SX News that Mason's role would be expanded from April and he and Chris will get more screen time.

Chris will be seen taking on "issues that every gay teenager does." On becoming a regular cast member, Mason told Channel 5, "I love it.

Chris was a high school student who befriended the soap's other teens.

He became the captain of the school's basketball team and he began dating Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas).Describing the scene, he said "I did have to stand up in front a group of people and tell them [as my character], I was gay. Steele said that she is "particularly proud" of the way Chris's storyline had been handled and she added "It was something we wanted to do for a while because it's a story that affects so many people and in so many different ways. I think it's interesting to see how [his sexuality] affected his friends and his relationships with them too".He added "I know it's quite a sensitive topic, but I think the difference between his and the last encounters they've had is that we're looking more in-depth into more than just a "gay kiss".However, Chris developed a crush on Andrew Robinson (Jordan Smith) and subsequently revealed that he was gay.Chris initially struggled with his sexuality and the reactions of his friends, family and team mates.Upon finding employment at the local garage, Chris was faced with Warren Burrell (Tony Rickards), a homophobic customer.