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Daters can also directly email each other, however.Added features include user voting on potential couple’s compatibility as well as both dater and matchmaker reputations.

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Engage will charge members but is offering a 6 month free trial currently. Google Base (Tech Crunch profiles here) allows users to enter personal profiles highly targeted towards dating (fields include gender, marital status, sexual orientation, etc.).

Other features include labels (tags), a short description, location mapping, and an anonymous email to be reached at.

Match Activity is a new site that sets up a date before the introduction.

Users post activities in their area by tags and then chose the respondent they like the most and carry out the plan.

Consumating is clearly aimed young hipsters, who can make themselves more “popular” by answering questions to fill out their profile.

Users search by loose age ranges (20s, 30s, etc.) and tags to find friends and partners.

So far, the personals section has been primarily used as a personals aggregator for Hot or Not and Finding, a consequence of the mass upload feature.

Also, for a bit of humor, check out this post by Damien Mulley on how to use Google to get laid.

The fact that Engage uses its own member to set others up is their key differentiator, and gives the site a viral touch – even non members can be suggested for a match.

Users can browse as either matchmakers, recommending their friends, or as a dater looking for that special someone for a wing(wo)man to introduce them too.

Mingle Now, a new venture from Blue Lithium, is pre-launch.