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Because meeting in person is actually the only way to get a genuine read on your potential relationship, social psychologist Eli Finker claims that speed dating is actually more predictive.

So really, what the algorithms are saying is, "Signs point to yes" or "Cannot predict now, (but maybe)." Not, "This is your soul mate! " Sure, there's room for growth if you're in love with someone who could learn to communicate better or could use some lessons in stress management.

Will they look like their profile picture or did they work their angles and use a pretty filter?

If you don't talk about it in advance or address it early in your meet-up, you could experience a failed transition from online dating to real life. You can eliminate the long distance complication of online dating by searching only in your area.However, if you live near where you went to high school, you might already know everyone who will show up (and you don't want that creepy kid from Algebra sending you winks or other flirty messages).If there wasn't, relationship therapy would barely exist.However, that willingness to bother working at a relationship, comes after the initial spark's been acknowledged... The bottom line: interactions matter more than algorithms.People are less likely to fib about things that influence the success of the relationship such as past relationships, education, or religious and political beliefs.

Wherever you go, there you are, except on the internet, maybe.

Long gone are the days of being embarrassed over looking for love online. "lack insight regarding which characteristics in a potential partner will inspire or undermine their attraction to him or her." So what looks good on paper or matches the mental checklist you have for a significant other may not do anything for your level of actual attraction to the person once you've met face to face.

All the cool singles are doing it, but does it work? Most likely, if you made it to the text of their profile. So you should be able to comb through the profiles and find The One, then live happily ever after. That also makes you wonder how many good matches are being left out of your results because of a faulty algorithm.

Perhaps you're more outgoing online than you are in person, or you have time to check the thesaurus or dictionary before going with a word choice you feel makes you sound more intelligent (because honestly, you know these words, but you just need to double-check their meanings before committing).

However, what happens when you finally get together in person?

So if you're only shown five potential matches, you're not undesirable - you're lucky! What if you don't like their "in real life" personality?