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I’M JUST SAYIN’I heard there’s gonna be a Goonies remake … They went on sale Sunday and have been selling out around the world …

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Vaccines are weakened versions of a disease so your body can build up a natural defense and you won’t get the disease…I don’t know about you but I don’t want swine flu so I’d be happy to get a vaccine.But I know a lot of you are nervous about the government forcing this specific vaccine on us.Sorry if I ruined The Ultimate Fighter for you but it is just a rumor …like most stuff on here may be true may not it’s what I HEARD Peace – Chance CDR @ Twitter or Gmail IT HAS BEGUN I have to be honest I don’t see what the big deal is. Here they are: Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Disses Fat Joe AGAIN! She said: “HE is 1 of the Celebrity Douchebags…He uses me, then drops me after he didnt need my help” I’m hearing she was talking about Soulja Boy, and it makes sense since they did come up through the same channels and he kind of took off.

Also read our write up on the death of Derrion Albert, the 16-year-old honor student slain in a gang war. Seems like a lot of Hip-Hoppers are going to the hospital in one way or another. Here on, he’s make sure everybody is aware of any spoilers! This person, who she didnt reveal, begged her to help them get followers and she held it down out of love but when they wound up on the suggested followers list he got shady.

It’ll be interesting to see how this alleged relationship turns out.

Back when James dated Khloe Kardashian he said he didn’t enjoy the “fame” that came with it and that’s why he “eliminated” the relationship.

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VIBE: You mentioned in interviews that the point of your show is to clear the air about yourself. Lisa Raye: There’s some from different interviews, some that you don’t even know about yet and there’s some that are going to stay private. I don’t think it’s unique that he would come to my rescue [after what happened with my ex-husband]. I was one of the first celebrities that helped him with his first rally.

“I wasn’t uncomfortable, but it wasn’t me,” Harden told Sports Illustrated.