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It must be a scam of some sort, maybe they want to pay you money? Recognized DHL, but everything else was "chinese."Oddly Google had just taken over my phone a few minutes earlier and wanted my permission to send me advertising which I rejected but I did tick the box allowing the use of my number for authentication.I currently live in Hong Kong and these calls are a plague here. I keep blocking them, but within 10 minutes I get phone said the number was from Australia but we don't have 12 digit numbers, where could this call have come from?

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I won't post it in case I have stuffed up and it is a legit person's number, but I didn't have any other mystery calls and googling the number provides no results... What I ended up doing was having Google translate (into Chinese) tell them "I know it's a scam, stop calling me". (which is a bit of a poor effort considering my wife & step son are from mainland China and my 3 year old daughter can have a fluent mandarin conversation with them and then translate to English for baba/Daddy).

urceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Been sent a message but will delete it and block the number. Recording in Chinese that I don't understand but with my limited mandarin seems to say something "take 1 minute". That is, it's not the number that called you, but some other random number that they've inserted. You get back to them by selecting "8" on your keypad during the call.

Haven't had an "embassy scam" call yet, but I got one back in August, to the landline that had a short recorded message on a loop, informing me that my mobile phone service? Seems like it was some Chinese variant of the Telstra scam.

Perhaps it was referred by the "Telstra Technical Dept" scammers who had previously been calling the same line 2 to 3 times a week.

When I answered the call, I got a recorded message of a woman speaking in Chinese for close to a minute.

I'm not sure if it was Mandarin or Cantonese but Ive heard enough Chinese to recognise that it was Chinese at least.It was a very robotic/text-to-speech sounding male voice. I had already complained about it to others as I kept answering them.We have a number of lines and 1 time I answered one, and was still on the line, while at the same time another of our lines/numbers got the same call. We do have a native speaker in our office so the next one that came through we put it through to her – she said it was from DHL, and there were some numbers to press.When I get those calls, I just play dumb and speak in broken Mandarin with them, throwing in some Cantonese and English just to confuse them, usually they would give up after a few mins.Got a similar call on my mobile yesterday, some female recording talking in I think Mandarin.Ive absolutely no idea why that message was relayed to me (I couldn't understand any of it.) Has anyone else had similar experiences?