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During the flight the X-32B was subjected to a series of initial airworthiness tests, including flying qualities and subsystems checkout.Following the conclusion of several in-air STOVL tests, the X-32B was prepared for its ferry flight to Patuxent River Naval Air Station (NAS), MD.

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The X-32B took to the air for the first time on 29 March 2001, the pilot was Phil O'Donoughe.

The aircraft conducted a 50-minute conventional flight from Palmdale to Edwards Air Force Base.

We’re going to focus on happenstance today and touch upon the braver approaches later. The initial approach, regardless of the circumstance, is generally awkward, but often times we walk away thinking (I hope), “that wasn’t too bad” or at least, “it could have been worse.” And the person you were talking to on most occasions is generally nice and receptive.

It’s easier to meet somebody when you share a common interest.

The X-32B departed Edwards AFB for its cross-country trip on 4 May.

While en-route to NAS Patuxent River, the X-32 made six refueling stops, as it was not certified for air-to-air refuelings. On 24 June, during the aircraft's 44th flight, O’Donoghue transitioned the X-32B from fully wingborne (conventional) to jetborne (STOVL) flight mode and then smoothly decelerated the X-32B to a steady hover at about 250 feet above the ground.

You’ll meet people with some pull and it looks good on a resume (just saying). Lots of people get together through friends and networking is similar.

Ask former co-op supervisors, faculty, friends and even family if they know anyone working at “X” company.

Plus, you have that common thread now, so there is something to talk about aside from the weather, the Sox’s latest loss, or one of the Kardashians.

Example: if you’re a Physical Therapist or in any healthcare field for that matter, consider volunteering at the Red Cross, or for a big event like the Boston Marathon.

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