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Dialogs; namespace Qn AEscalation Bot Later on we will also update our Web.config file with necessary configurations and credentials, but first we need to deploy our bot to Azure, and register our bot.

If sufficiently negative sentiment is expressed by you during the chat, you should be able to escalate to a live agent.

The on-stage demonstration had Zuck ordering flowers from 1-800-Flowers just by sending a few messages to the company’s chatbot.“To order from 1-800-Flowers, you never have to call 1-800-Flowers again,” said Zuckerberg “You don’t have to install an app or enter your credit card.”Chat bot providers will help businesses build automated response systems for fielding messages from potential customers.

Accept the terms, and click the Create button: You can then view details of the Text Analytics API resource that you have created, to obtain your endpoint based on the region you selected, and copy one of the two keys that were created for you: Save the endpoint and key for later use. We navigate to USERS, and select our newly created bot: We add a new Skill to our bot user, which we are calling Bot.Building our Bot We will now start putting together the code for our bot, using steps found in the Create a bot with the Bot Builder SDK for . We Open Visual Studio, and create a new project using the Bot Application template that we downloaded as a part of our prerequisites: In our Project Properties, on the Application tab, we specify . Installing Packages and Adding References We need install several packages that we will leverage as a part of our bot code, and ensure our project is referencing the latest version of the Bot Builder SDK. We then click the Save button: We now select a different “live” agent user who will receive escalations from the bot, and add a Skill which we call Bot Escalation.Bots offer organizations a means of scaling customer service and customer engagement through natural and intuitive conversational experiences, as we’ve seen in some of our earlier posts. Upon completion, we can obtain the Site URL for our bot endpoint, which we can save for later use: Registering our Bot with the Bot Service We will now register our bot with the Bot Service, basing our process on the documentation found here.But bots will not always be able to meet all of our customers’ needs during an interaction. First, we authenticate to the Azure Portal, with our Azure credentials.This deep link will take you to the Text Analytics API resource creation blade in the Azure Portal. Updating Live Assist Skills and Engagement We will now assign appropriate skills to our bot agent and our live escalation agents, along with updating our chat engagement to direct chats to our bot.

Complete the required details, providing your desired resource name, subscription, location, pricing tier, and resource group (either a new or existing one). We open up our Live Assist Engagement Administration URL, which can be found in the Dynamics 365 Web Client, under Service Live Assist Supervisor.Being able to seamlessly transition a customer from a conversation with a bot to an actual live agent can be a key capability in realizing scale while also ensuring high-quality customer engagements. Once authenticated, we create a Bot Channels Registration, by clicking the Create a resource button found on the upper left-hand corner of the Azure portal, then select AI Cognitive Services We can confirm that the registration has been created by checking the Notifications area in the Azure portal.In this post, we will see how we can implement seamless escalations from bots to live agents leveraging the capabilities of Live Assist from Microsoft partner Cafe X. Upon completion of the registration, we can open the newly created resource, and then click on Settings.In our code, we are transferring the chat to a Skill that will be configured in Live Assist called Bot Escalation. With our window now saved and selected, we click the Publish button in the bottom-right of the page, to publish our changes.We could also adapt the code to transfer to an agent, by replacing our skill attribute with 'agent':'Agent Nickname' in our JObject. Testing our Bot We should now be able to chat with our bot agent from any sites that we have enabled Live Assist chat on, or via the Demo Site that Cafe X makes available for testing in the Live Assist Administration Portal (to open portal, go to Dynamics 365 Web Client under Service Live Assist Administration). While in the Live Assist Administration Portal, navigate to GET STARTED, use the right chevron to navigate to the Open Live Assist for Dynamics 365 panel, then click the DEMO SITE button: In the resulting sample website, you should see your chat engagement.Notes: Make sure you are logged into Live Assist with a user that has the appropriate Bot Escalation skill.