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Notably, the S6 packaging includes tear drop-shaped in-ear headphones that look like the next evolution in the i Phone's Apple Ear Pods.Although the colors are fairly staid -- both models comes in platinum gold in addition to sapphire black and white pearl -- Samsung injects shots of color into the lineup with topaz blue, which is really pretty if it catches the light, and just looks black or generically dark if it doesn't.(The white version minimizes this effect, but it's still apparent outdoors.) Even though Samsung hasn't bumped up the screen's 5.1-inch size, it has spiked the resolution of its AMOLED display to 2,560x1,440 pixels, a density of 577 pixels per inch (ppi), currently the best on the market.

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Its footprint may be larger and it sides might be straighter, but the shape and placement of things like the headset jack, speaker grille and volume buttons are shockingly similar when you see two devices side by side.

Even the color of the white phones is matchy-matchy, with nearly indistinguishable shades of matte silver trim.

It's obvious that this is a different beast, and one for which fans have been crying out for years. It built on the metal-framed Note 4 and more midrange Galaxy Alpha, before experimenting with all-metal chassis in the youth-focused Galaxy A5 and A3. The S6 has Samsung's familiar pill shape, with rounded tops and bottoms and straighter sides.

The power button and nano-SIM card slot sit on the right spine.

These are commonplace omissions in the smartphone sphere, but Samsung has been a die-hard defendant of both the removable battery and the extra storage option, until now.

It's a move that makes a difference, too, at least on the power front.

Next to its designer cousin, it's the S6 Edge that feels much slimmer than the S6, despite its being a hair thicker at its chubbiest point.

Because of its straight edges, the S6 isn't as smooth or seamless as the i Phone 6 with its rounded sides, but without a case, the S6 is easier of the two to grip.

(The S6 Edge, meanwhile, tries on emerald green.) The incredibly reflective rear surface flashes color and throws back light.

Samsung says this is to add depth and warmth, but the skeptic in me notes that relentless reflectance gets annoying to look at.

The Note Edge, which shares a 1440p resolution on a larger screen, came the closest to the S6 in terms of flawlessness.