Errors encountered validating document

e Xtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is an XML-based standard to describe financial data, and facilitate the creation, distribution and re-use of business reports.XBRL is developed by the XBRL International consortium, and is defined in the XBRL v2.1 specification. Inline XBRL (i XBRL) is a standard for tagging XBRL within an HTML (i.e. Companies House requires all submissions to be well-formed XML, to be provided as XHTML and to be valid i XBRL (XHTML will enable more rigorous checking of the mark-up to be performed).The second stage of validation checks the document for conformance with the validation and consistency rules laid down in the XBRL v2.1 Specification.

errors encountered validating document-2

When a document is submitted, the validation service will return either a "successful" response, or a list of errors found in the document.

Each error will contain up to four parts: If the validation fails during the first stage, the validator will stop and report the errors without proceeding to the second stage.

For information on common errors and their causes please click here.

Although the validator covers a very wide range of validation rules, there are a number of error scenarios that occur frequently.

During this process, the validator will check that the instance document identifies the referenced taxonomies correctly (DTS discovery testing).

Failure to reference a taxonomy correctly will usually result in an Illegal Reference error or an Unresolvable Reference Error.

During the first stage, the document is checked to ensure that it is valid, well-formed XML, and that it conforms to the relevant XML Schemas, including the XBRL taxonomy schema for the Companies House taxonomy.

If the document fails either of these tests, you will receive either a Malformed XMLError, or a Schema Validation Error.

i XBRL-enabled applications allow the preparer to publish an HTML version of their accounts laid out and formatted as they wish - consequently the necessity to render accounts via stylesheets with their accompanying limitations has been removed.

XBRL Validation Service Companies House have adopted XBRL v2.1 for electronic filing of audit exempt accounts.

A third stage of validation will be performed for inline XBRL documents - this will cater for additional business rules validation e.g.