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Here’s how the chat room is organized: Designed for traders of all skill levels, Penny Pro’s Video Lessons are divided into three sections. Step 2 is more users who have completed the lessons in the previous Step.Finally, Step 3 is for veteran traders (or those who completed Steps 1 and 2) who want charting tips and candle patterns.While I understand the business is entirely virtual, I’d still appreciate a more concrete listing as to where they’re located. The Beginner Pack is 9 for a one month subscription.

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The main features, such as the Live Day Trading Room and the Video Library, are for subscribers of every level They also offer a Penny Pro Elite package: The Elite package gets you Penny Pro offers.

This includes their complete package of day trading instructional DVDs, which I explain more about below. I believe most traders will get what they need from one of the plans above, and can safely skip the Pro Elite plan.

They focus on stocks which range in price from $.001 to .00, where the trader captures momentum between 10 and 25%.

They also offer a wide range of educational materials, real-time alerts and three to five swing trades per month.

The large box shows a real-time ticker of the stock buys, exits and strategy decisions from the Penny Pro professionals. You can sort by “New Highs,” “New Lows” and “Price Breakouts.” This one is a bit tricky.

Unlike most of the other online trading platforms I’ve reviewed, Penny Pro doesn’t seem to publish a ton of information about their team.The site design, including the fast-paced chat room, is easy to navigate and use.Penny Pro has a slightly different emphasis than the typical stock day trading platform.Considering the importance the team leader has when advising subscribers throughout the trading day, I’d feel more comfortable knowing a few details about Jeff Williams.The actual “learn to trade” information presented on the site and in the videos is valid.The lack of company bio doesn’t seem to negatively affect the quality of videos and other information available to learn from. Penny Pro lists two offices on their website: They list an office in the US and another in France, both with phone numbers.