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___ Now while discussing this, this friend of mine who walked across the street pointed out an interesting little factoid: a couple of years ago, she’d modelled in a slum.

It's the best choice for Single Women in Sri Lanka!Do not waste your time waiting for something, all the miracles start right there and now. But it is true that within a small community, you get much less of the leering and the rapey faces.This is largely because in a small community, you tend to a) know that girl and b) know that her father, brothers, uncles and/or any other males in the general vicinity know who you are and where you live.It happens whether they’re wearing jeans, shirts, skirts, hijabs, flat, sneakers.

One of them is a work colleague who helped me pick out a shirt for a wedding the other day.Case in point: at some point during my A/Ls a friend of mine asked me how I’d “done” seven girls. Now, unleash this horde into the world, feed them the standard stuff about how a woman should be subordinate and all that, and you basically have our parents’ generation: a whole lot of people who basically look upon a woman as property. And then you get our generation, who are distinctly aware that something is wrong, but the guys can get away with it and the girls only rant about it on Facebook without summoning the courage to ask “what the fuck’re you looking at?Even the women are busy looking on themselves as property because they’ve been taught to be prim and proper and please everyone. Men objectify women all the time, and women objectify men just as much; you only need to look at listicles for verification. ” Instead, most of them stick to strength in numbers or summon their male friends and husbands to the fore, thus affirming the dynamic.It’s very easy to police this kind of behaviour in a small community. Until our medieval education system starts putting boys and girls together (thus promoting both empathy and teenage pregnancy), until enough ladies turn into New York-style pepper-spray carryin’ who can take care of themselves, it’s going to forever be a standoff between the men who want you and the men who protect you.___ Does it suck that women still have to rely on men for “safety”? It will take a couple of generations of determined protest to upend this state of affairs.Most women do what they’ve been told to do: ignore it and keep walking, try not to cry – and hope they don’t touch you.