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Agents can use the Vo IP solutions to work from any location and they can use up to 8 phone lines on the Vo IP system , with the ability to put calls on hold.

As her alter ego, Selina Kyle, Catwoman has even had the pleasure of dating millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

Catwoman also had an attraction to Nightwing in "The New Batman Adventures" when they teamed up in the episode "You Scratch My Back," which he seemed to return, but after learning that she planned to double cross him, he didn't show any affection towards Catwoman.

It is also very easy to install (it is supported by all the latest Windows versions, Macintosh and Linux) and does not require a license, it is free of charge. We look forward for your opinions on how we can improve the software and your first impressions regarding our program in relation with your Vo IP connection and system.

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Rich, glamorous and stunningly beautiful, Selina Kyle is a former socialite who became the notorious burglar called the Catwoman.

Lured by the thrill of the hunt, she steals rare and beautiful objects with feline names or designs.

help of Vo IP technology you can make international phone calls but with lower costs than traditional phone system.

You don't even need a real phone to make calls , all you need is a good internet connection (512 kbps minimum), a Vo IP provideer and a Vo IP software.

Catwoman also enjoys a special bond with real cats, and all felines, tame or wild, instinctively trust her.

With her catlike reflexes and cat-o-nine-tails, she is a formidable opponent who is nearly a match for Batman.

The phone calls can be made from your computer to another computer that uses Vo IP system ; from your computer to a cell phone via a Vo IP SIP gateway provider; it all depends on your needs, all you require for the use of the IP Phone with your computer is a headset and a microphone.