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The realism is next to zero, and building mechanics similar to Minecraft add a fun twist to this already classic Video Game title.

All in all, the over exaggeration of parents is what is keeping you from letting your kids play, just trust me on this one, this one has hours of fun packed into it and I really hope you allow your kids to play.

Players are randomly assigned a male or female character.

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I think 9 years olds and 8 year old can play." Honestly, I'm ashamed of the other parents.

The smartest review was submitted by a thoughtful 13-year old that said it wasn't appropriate for young kids.

I read 40 reviews by other parents and kids, some who think this game is okay for kids as young as 6 years old.

Most reviews say something like, it's not THAT bad... But I sat there and watched my son shoot his friends, axe other players to death, and kill other anonymous players hiding under things and crouching in corners.

A significant part of the Battle Royale is shooting other people dead.

See these yourself at No amount of cooperative gameplay or strategic thinking justifies the realistic murdering and desensitization of gun violence. I'm not moved by the argument that there's no blood.

In my opinion as a former Army officer, hunter and gun owner, this game trivializes killing human beings, normalizes violent gun use, including AR 15 type weapons, and otherwise desensitizes children to violence.

Alright parents, some of these reviews absoulutely amaze me.

So, contrary to what this website stated, the game did not involve killing "monsters", but rather involved killing human beings albeit in a fantasy setting.

So, bottom line, if you are a parent considering allowing your children to play this game you need to understand that it involves killing humans, not monsters, and involves the use of military and automatic-type weapons.

Also, be prepared for in-game purchases (additional weapons, etc.) that your child will beg for.