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The swinger scene is very small in New Zealand but swinger clubs do exist.The advertising for brothels and escorts is discrete but nevertheless relatively easy to find.

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Unlike what many people feared, these relaxed attitudes have not led to any more significant problems than elsewhere and sex workers are given good protection by the police.

Sex slavery and underage prostitution are not legal in New Zealand.

Not to be missed: See Auckland's Sky Tower via web camera, it's the tallest man-made tower in the southern hemisphere: 328 m high, visibility up to 80 km in each direction!

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In 2003, laws were passed in New Zealand making prostitution legal.

Prior to that date prostitution was widespread but hidden under the front of massage parlors.

All built on volcanic islands, there's a multitude of harbours, so New Zealand's biggest city became a playground for all kind of boats, tall ships and yachts.

The earth TV Live Camera offers truely wonderful views of Waitemata Harbour and the recognizable skyline with an exquisite sight at night.

The main spots where street prostitutes gather are: Street prostitutes usually operate in the evenings and at night so if you are walking around these areas during the day you are unlikely to encounter any.

There are brothels and escort agencies in all of the main centers.

If you fancy putting on a show others will definitely be watching.